To Jesus through Mary and The Holy Rosary

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You can download this recording of The Holy Rosary and save it on your computer, your personal music player or maybe write it to CD, or whatever is most convenient for your personal situation. We hope and pray it may help and assist you in some way or maybe someone you know.
    Please pray these prayers with the love and the reverence they deserve. Consider that with prayers prayed with love and reverence, that you are offering Our Lord and Our lady the most beautiful garments fit for a King and Queen. While prayers said in a rush and without love and reverence is like throwing rags at Our Lord and Our Lady, and regardless of how many you say this way, they will still be like rags.

Mp3 files.
Right click and select "Save target as"

The Five Joyful Mysteries        File size 38.7MB. Praying time 42 Minutes

The Five Luminous Mysteries  File size 36.2MB. Praying time 40 Minutes
The Five Sorrowful Mysteries  File size 37.4MB. Praying time 41 Minutes
The Five Glorious Mysteries    File size 38.6MB. Praying time 42 Minutes

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