After your Mum got pregnant


1.    At nine weeks you could swim a mean backstroke. Your favourite technique was a little backwards walk, leading with your head.

2.    It’s a good thing you slowed down after the second month, or your birth weight would have been 14 tons. Let Daddy try bouncing that on his knee!

3.    Eight weeks after fertilization, all systems were go: skeletal, nervous, digestive, circulatory and respiratory. The only job left was to refine what you already had.

4.    At only a couple of months you started to shake, rattle, and roll, but you were too little for Mom to notice. By 4 or 5 months however, she swore you had a black belt in Karate.

5.    not only does amniotic fluid make a cushy “water-bed,” but it is also full of glucose. Swallowing the fluid was good practice for your digestive system.

6.    About half way through the pregnancy, you had lots of nice skin but not much fat to fill it out. That’s why premature babies look wrinkled – they need more “meat on their bones”. The waxworks effect was caused by the vernix, a thick whitish cream which covered your skin to protect it from the amniotic fluid.

7.    At fertilization, each parent contributed approximately 50,000 chemical “instruction sheets” (or genes) that determined not only what you will look like, but also your health, talents, tastes, athletic abilities, intelligence, allergies, and more.

8.    You were either male or female from the point of fertilization, but it took about 60 days for parts to be recognizable. Thanks to modern science, parents can now see the sex of their unborn with the help of an ultrasound machine by about four months. At last, they can answer the age-old question: “What colour should we paint the nursery?”

9.    A tobacco smoking Mon sends nicotine, carbon monoxide, carbon acid, and wood alcohol right down the line to her baby. Smoking two packs a day reduces a baby’s birth weight by 10% which can seriously reduce the infant’s chances of survival.

10.    With modern technology, babies as young as 22 weeks after fertilization, weighing only 14 oz., (about 400g) have survived premature birth. You would need a lot of medical help, but would fight like a champion to hold on to live ( Fertilization to birth is normally 38 weeks.)

11.   During your fourth month, you grew to a grand height of 6 inches (15cm) and began to resemble your parents. At 11 weeks you had begun to develop your own unique set of fingerprints. Nobody has had or will have the same set.


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