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O Holy Spirit. Source of all light, Spirit of wisdom, of understanding, and of knowledge, come to my assistance and enable me to make a good confession. Enlighten me, and help me now to know my sins as one day I shall be force to recognize them before Thy judgment seat. Bring to my mind the evil which I have done and the good which I have neglected. Permit me not to be blinded by self-love. Grant me, moreover, heartfelt sorrow for my transgressions, and the grace of a sincere confession, so that I may be forgiven and admitted into Thy friendship.

O my God, I come before You to beg of You the grace to make a good confession. I wish to confess my sins and to obtain forgiveness for them through the merits of Your most Precious Blood. I believe that the priest takes Your place in this Sacrament of Penance. When he forgives me, it is You who forgive. I need Your grace in order worthily to confess my sins. I beg of You to enlighten me and help me to examine my conscience. Let me not be blind to my own sinfulness. I know that there are many things in my soul that are displeasing to You. Self-love blinds and deceives me, Oh, help me to know myself as I really am. Be merciful to me, good Jesus. I cry out to You like the blind man, “Lord, that I may see.” Stretch forth Your hand and drive out the blindness from my soul.

Father in heaven, most merciful God, relying on Your goodness and mercy, I come to You with childlike confidence to confess my sins and to beg Your forgiveness. You will not reject a contrite and humble heart. Bless me and receive me again into Your favor. I realize that I have been most ungrateful to You, but I desire henceforth to keep your commandments and to do Your Will in all things. Jesus my Savior, my Good Shepherd, I did not follow in your footsteps but have strayed far from the path that You have marked out for me. Repentant and sorrowful, I beg to be admitted again into the fold of Your faithful followers. I want to confess my sins with the same sincerity as I should wish to confess at the moment of my death. My Jesus, I beg You for the grace to examine my conscience well. Holy Spirit, come into my soul. Enlighten my mind and strengthen my will that I may know my sins, humbly confess them, and sincerely amend my life. Mary, my Mother, Immaculate Spouse of the Holy Spirit, refuge of sinners, help me by your kind prayers. Amen.

O my God, help me to make a good confession. Mary, my dearest Mother, pray to Jesus for me. Help me to examine my conscience, enable me to obtain true sorrow for my sins, and beg for me the grace rather to die than to offend God again. Lord Jesus, light of our souls, who enlightens every man coming into this world, enlighten my conscience and my heart by Thy Holy Spirit, so that I may perceive all that is displeasing to Thy divine majesty and may expiate it by humble confession, true contrition, and sincere repentance.

My crucified God, behold me at Your feet. Do not reject me, a poor sinner, as I appear before You. I have offended You much in the past, my Jesus, but in the future I resolve to sin no more. My God, I put all my sins before You.  I have considered them and realize they do not deserve Your pardon. But I beg of you to cast one glance upon Your sufferings and see how great is the worth of that Precious Blood that flows from your veins. My God, at this hour close Your eyes to my want of merit and open them to Your infinite merits. Since You, dear Jesus, have been pleased to die for my sins, grant me forgiveness for them all, that I may no longer feel their heavy burden, which presses me to the earth. My Jesus, help me, for I desire to become good, no matter what it may cost. Take away, destroy, root out completely all that You find in me that may be contrary to Your holy Will. At the same time I beg You, O Jesus, to enlighten me, that I may be able to walk in Your holy light

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